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Kowtow was born in 2006 with the desire to create an ethical label that would be the example for a forward, global thinking business. In 2018, we opened our flagship store in our hometown of Wellington, New Zealand.

29 College Street, Wellington

Monday to Saturday 10AM – 5PM

Sunday 11AM – 4PM

“The store opening is an opportunity to bring the Kowtow ethos into a physical space. The only option for us was to engage interior designer and architect, Rufus Knight, as he is leading the charge with innovative interiors. Rufus was excited to work with us as sustainability and traceability is core to what we do and he wanted to execute that in the design. Every detail was considered - from the recycled nylon rugs to the New Zealand grown and milled timber.“

Gosia Piatek - Founder & Creative Director.

The store articulates minimalism, simplicity and generosity. From the outside, two large windows frame the space. Instead of traditional displays, passerbys have an open and transparent view of the store’s day to day life. Floor to ceiling structures divide the space with rhythm and support a bespoke racking system, while display shelves punctuate the space. The point of sale anchors the space and invites conversation.

  • Sustainably grown, harvested and milled eucalyptus, finished by hand with an non-toxic, eco friendly Osmo hardwax oil.
  • Point of sale and display units are made from valchromat, a FSC certified product made with post industrial recycled wood chips and aimed at reducing environmental impact.
  • Hotaru Buoy pendant lights designed by Barber & Osgerby and manufactured by Ozeki & Co Ltd., a celebrated Japanese company dedicated to making paper lanterns since 1891.
  • Handmade ceramic tiles by local artist, Gidon Bing.
  • Floor rugs made from salvaged and recycled synthetics, including fishing nets recovered from the ocean.
  • Modular sofas designed by Simon James and upholstered with renewable and compostable fibres: virgin wool blends.
  • Linen curtains that have been sustainably grown, harvested and processed using the environmentally friendly dew-retting method.

In 2019, we opened our first store in Auckland. The Newmarket store is an extension of our customer focus and branding touchpoints developed in our Wellington flagship. The space continues to explore an atmosphere of simplicity and warmth.

6 York Street, Newmarket

Monday to Saturday 10AM – 5PM

Sunday 11AM – 4PM

“It’s a pleasure to have a presence in Auckland and create a beautiful space that remains true to our values. Like Wellington, we have emphasised natural, locally sourced and sustainable materials, yet consciously created a space unique to Auckland to articulate its own meaningful experience.”

Gosia Piatek - Founder & Creative Director.

Situated in a building first built in 1928, the space was originally part of the Newmarket metalworks precinct. In respect of the history, original ceiling trusses are left exposed through a dropped Japanese inspired ceiling. Articulating a strong sense of minimalism, the sparseness of the interior is offset by flowing organic curves and rich material tactility. Aged brass is left unsealed so it continues to patina over time, and oiled oak borrows from a timeless elemental palette. Through the use of scale and proportion, it forms a refined and contemporary atmosphere.

An abraded plaster façade treatment is perforated by two deep-set large windows allowing passers-by to have an open and interactive view into the space while maximising natural light in the interior. Monolithic freestanding oak joinery divides the space with a rhythmic quality that reference the exterior forms. The oak pillars sitting short of the detailed oak battened ceiling allow it to sail across the width and depth of the space. The fluid point of sale, with large brass mantel, anchors the space and invites conversation while brass racking and display elements are pared back to adjacent wall surfaces.

  • Interior wood paneling and accents made from traceable New Zealand grown oak, and finished by hand with a non-toxic and environmentally friendly Osmo hardwax oil.
  • Point of sale and American oak front door handle designed in collaboration with local sculptor, Gidon Bing, and hand finished.
  • Hand braided rugs, made from sustainably grown jute. Supplied by local company, Nodi and made in India at a certified Good Weave manufacturer.
  • Linen curtains that have been sustainably grown, harvested and processed using the environmentally friendly dew-retting method.
  • Ottomans designed by Simon James. Locally made and upholstered with renewable and biodegradable, organic linen.
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