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For World Environment Day, we are proud to launch #SingleUsePlanet, a campaign that protests against single-use plastic. To spread the message and raise awareness around ocean plastic pollution, we have released a collection of three slogan t-shirts and four jacquard knitwear pieces that display plastics commonly found along beaches.

The campaign is fronted by ambassadors, Sophie Handford & Maha Fier who are two environmental activists leading the youth movement against climate change in New Zealand.

Proceeds from purchases will be donated to oceans charities Sustainable Coastlines and Take 3 For The Sea to continue their work in school education programs.

Join us in raising awareness around the harmful effects ocean plastic pollution has on our future.

What does sustainability mean to you?

Sophie: Sustainability means to think about the life of something and ensure that it can carry on. We need to ensure our practices on Earth are sustainable so this planet can be around for future generations.
What can people do now to help protect the environment?

Maha: Continue having the conversation about environmental issues in our community - never stop talking to your peers, parents, teachers, local Councillors and MP's about it. If we don't speak up, no one will understand the urgency.
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