Common Interest


Inspired by nature in full bloom, this collection celebrates the Avant Gardeners.

We believe that collectively, small actions have a big impact. Positive change can begin at home, and in our gardens. By nurturing our natural environment we can bring life to the spaces we inhabit, and encourage nature to thrive - this becomes an act of protest in a world that needs protecting.

Choosing to only use 100% certified Fairtrade organic cotton, Kowtow’s collections are made from, and inspired by, nature. Avant Gardener is both an homage to everyday heroes and a call to join their action.

We stand by those doing it differently, united by a philosophy that looks forward to a brighter future. The power lies in our choices. We can choose to limit our consumption of plastic, we can choose to support slow fashion, we can choose ‘repair’ over ‘replace’. We can choose to make these choices normal, not radical.

Kowtow’s latest collection - Avant Gardener - is an expression of those choices. From our seasonal floral print - pulled from the pages of a gardening book - to the botanical shades of azalea, lilac, and evergreen - the pieces of Avant Gardener represent the permanence, patience, and perseverance of nature; how it continues to blossom and fights to survive.

Our choice to exclusively use Fairtrade organic cotton in garments, trims that can be recycled, or are sourced from nature are choices we make with our planet in mind. We make timeless quality clothing - inspired by nature’s enduring and rebellious spirit - clothing that is designed to be worn again and again, year after year.