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Introducing Common Interest – Issue No. 01

Introducing Common Interest - Issue No. 01

In 2006, Gosia Piatek was determined to create a positive environmental contribution for the planet, and found the fashion industry was in need of desperate change. Ignited by a rebel heart, Kowtow began its life via the business of fashion and has been devoted to leaving our planet better for the past 15 years.

During the 2020 lockdown, we – along with our global community – felt a deep longing to connect, so we chose to publish a reader that would bring together inspiring content from our friends around the world. Our ultimate goal was to build a haven of ideas that would be cherished, shared, collected and kept - intended to be read not once, but over and over.

Built on the ethos that great minds think differently, but often find common ground, Common Interest is dedicated to innovation, preservation and restoration of the environment.

With the mission to educate and inspire, Common Interest is committed to amplifying authentic voices by working collaboratively with people from all walks of life.

Kowtow is more than a fashion brand, and through Common Interest, we continue our commitment to leaving the world better through a collaboration with like minded visionaries.

For our debut issue, we looked to our global community of sustainability innovators. Our sincere thanks and gratitude goes out to our following friends and contributors: Amanda Johnston, Amie Berghan, Céline Semaan, Charlotte Ryan, Gosia Piatek, Ineke Dane, Jamie McLellan, Levi Brinsdon-Hall, Maha Fier, Marjan van Aubel, Matariki Williams, Niamh Peren, Prudence Dudan, Simon James, Stacey Cotter Manière, Stella “Benee” Bennett, Yoan Jolly & Zinnia Kumar.⁠

Common Interest is printed on FSC approved paper, and for every issue printed, Kowtow has donated a native tree to Trees that Count. ⁠

Available exclusively in Kowtow stores and online from 14 March 2021.