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The Studio Series: 02. Weaves & Textiles

Step into the Kowtow Studio

This collection’s creative direction takes inspiration from the women of Bauhaus. The German art school that produced some of its generations finest artists and specialised in both fine arts and crafts. Bringing this time-honoured practice into the modern day, our collection - Material Matters - is selected and designed by hand and guided by touch: the weight, weave, and texture of cotton into myriad fabrics.

The epitome of slow fashion, every collection takes 18 months to come to life from the moment we start design.

Kowtow’s in-house design team works with the fabric in mind at every stage of the process: determining weight, weave, colour, and texture of each garment.

While only in existence for 14 years, the legacy and lessons from the Bauhaus - and the women of Bauhaus - remains a strong influence today. All of Kowtow’s materials are unique to us, the colours mixed, and the bespoke properties of each fabric are conceived of and designed by our in-house workroom to become the garments you wear and love.