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Why It Matters To Use a Mono-Fibre

Sustainable Fairtrade Organic Cotton

When we look into our wardrobes we don’t always see the impact that our clothing choices might have on the world we live in and the people who create them. It’s hard to imagine that our best dress or a trusty womens handbag could have such a negative impact on the environment or people. In an era when eco-friendly clothing facts and figures flood our social media feeds, it's vital to cut through the noise and make informed choices.

The truth is that textiles are the second largest product group made from petrochemicals. That’s a wild thought and it puts clothing second to packaging, making up 15% of all petrochemical products*. This alarming statistic is precisely why, at Kowtow, we believe the material used in our garments is so important.

We've always been committed to being part of a sustainable solution, with a vision to craft clothing that can return to the earth. Our choice of material is simple: we use a natural mono-fibre, certified Fairtrade organic cotton because it's traceable, biodegradable and simpler to design into a circular clothing solution.



“At Kowtow, we only use Fairtrade organic cotton. When you step into our stores, everything you see is made from this single fibre. This makes true supply chain transparency achievable, while also allowing for our clothing to be returned to the earth without harm.”

Marilou Dadat, Kowtow Creative Director 



The journey to this mono-fibre solution was the result of years of experimentation and learning, to find the best circular potential. We explored various materials but they often complicated the supply chain, adding complexity to the recycling process. The answer, to an environmentally friendly and circular clothing solution as it turns out, was right in front of us all along.

Since our inception in 2006, our clothes have always been made from certified Fairtrade organic cotton, tracing every step from seed to garment, from farmers to mills and manufacturers. Our organic cotton is a natural material that's biodegradable, renewable, and cultivated without chemicals, originating from non-GMO seeds. The crops are rain-fed, hand-picked, and planted alongside food crops to feed farmer communities and promote soil fertility and biodiversity.

We have chosen to focus on this mono-fibre, our first love, organic cotton. It forms the foundation of every garment in every collection we create, from the yarn to the fabric to the thread that sews them all together. 

In a world of fashion choices, choosing one single fibre—certified Fairtrade organic cotton—can make all the difference for our planet and its people.