Connection & Community Through The White Shirt

Only a few weeks ago we were setting up an installation at Smith & Caughey’s on Queen Street in Auckland. Naturally, we couldn’t wait to share this with you, and now that it’s not so easy for you to visit the display in person, we thought we would share it here instead.

Often, the simplest things are the ones most considered, and our idea was to create a sense of connection and community through installation. Borrowing organic cotton white shirts from our current collection and archives, we replicated the scene of an outdoor washing line – a visual familiar to us all. Suspended in front of a sky blue background, and above an evergreen floor, each shirt is hung along fine pieces of twine and draped candidly, referencing traditional methods of drying.

Reimagined each season, the white shirt has become a central pillar of the Kowtow wardrobe. Made from fair trade certified organic cotton, a well made white shirt continues to remain crisp after repeat wear. While a white shirt can take on many forms: ruched, billowed and slouched, it is ultimately expressed in its relationship with the wearer. Universally flattering, our shirt styles consider form and function, allowing you to feel sophisticated, yet relaxed.

We hope you enjoy the display, even if it’s from afar for the moment and we’d love to see you in your Kowtow white shirt & hear about it’s stories. Simply tag @kowtowclothing in your posts.