In Circular Harmony – A Photo Essay

At Kowtow, we believe that limitations keep us innovative. In our current climate, we have been continuously inspired by our team’s ability to express creative ideas with limited resources. One project that speaks to this is a still life photo essay by our Visual Merchandiser & Content Creator, Georgie Veitch. The series explores the dialogue between nature and our organic cotton garments, and speaks to the intrinsic beauty that artefacts made from natural and biodegradable materials have the ability to leave this world without a trace. Explore the editorial, and learn more about Georgie and the project below.

What was the concept behind this editorial and what do these images communicate to you?

This photo series explores landscapes along the south coast of Wellington, the natural environment I have found myself situated in during this period of isolation. Colour and textural qualities between the land and natural cloths allow Kowtow garments to borrow from the natural elemental palette.

Having created this project during isolation, were you faced with many limitations? If so, how did you overcome them?

So many! But, I think it is important to challenge yourself creatively. Working within parameters can encourage you to think carefully about what you have within reach, simplifying your approach is a nice exercise.

Being interested in both landscape photography & fashion, how would you explain your understanding of the relationship between fashion & nature?

This relationship makes the most sense to me when I consider cloth and clothing being made of natural fibers. I can see and understand similarities and how their qualities speak to each other in a lovely way.

You are coming up to three years of working at Kowtow, how has your role evolved over this time?

I came on board in late 2017 to open the flagship store. Since then I have helped to create a space for customers to explore Kowtow and a retail team that continues to grow, with new doors opened in Newmarket and hopefully more doors in the near future. Recently, I have moved into a new role that involves visual merchandising & content creation, so a slight shift, and letting go of some things and moving onto new things.

Over your time at Kowtow, what have been some of your favourite projects or moments?

One of my favourite projects was a floral installation we put together for Christmas last year. I collaborated with the retail team to create a large format floral piece that draped from the ceiling, winding wild white and lavender statice stems together with fine copper wire. The process was slow, meticulous, and meditative. Our customers were able to see the work unfold in the store, as we completed the installation over a number of days. It was special to be able to share this process. I love that the store is a space to exhibit and showcase each new season.

You seem to be very visually oriented & inspired, can you pinpoint what your biggest sources of inspiration are?

At the moment I am most inspired by landscapes. I like how natural light falls within a landscape, how it can alter and manipulate colour and hue and how this evolves throughout the day. I find myself documenting the same views over and over again, everytime I look at them they are different, to me that is extraordinary.

What are some of the ways that you have kept inspired during this time?

My friends and family are my biggest source of inspiration, in the sense that they keep me going. Reading, writing, drawing, documenting are all creative outpours that I turn to, a little bit at a time works best for me. And early evening walks on the south coast, right before the sun goes, have been a nice note to end the day on.