Sharing Our Views

With life at home being our new normal at the moment, we've been finding ourselves taking a little more time to observe and notice everyday life. And with social distancing making it a little trickier to travel beyond our bubbles, we thought it might be nice to give you a look into the views that we've been cherishing in our homes and immediate surroundings. These are the moments and small corners that are providing us with inspiration and a sense of ease and during this time.


Jessie Webb
Australia Sales Support

The afternoon light in my bedroom is so special. Especially as before this time, I missed these little windows of opportunities. I finish work, go for a walk, return home, light some incense, pop some music on and wait for the light to come in. It lasts about 20 minutes and it's something I look forward to each day.

Gosia Piatek
Founder & Creative Director

The dining table is the heart of the house we are staying in Mount Maunganui, which is near the beach. My five year old son, Laker goes to the beach every day and picks up new shells and of course has a go at drawing them. This is the same table I work from, so it's surrounded by shells, colouring pencils, cups, plates, paper and sometimes a laptop. I love that he draws and that his dad encourages it so much whilst I get to do some daily work.

Helen Kim
Retail Sales Assistant

This is a view from my bedroom. I have always loved this big window and the eclectic view of Newtown, but I appreciate it even more nowadays when outside contact is so limited. We get the most lovely warm morning light, so the morning is my favourite time of the day to be in this room. With Autumn creeping in, the big tree in front of the window has turned yellow and this pop of colour has made the view even better. The big square window reminds me of a big painting.


Yoshino Maruyama
Junior Designer

I took this photo on my daily walk in Hataitai. The light green and bold yellow against the concrete made such a beautiful palette, and the flowers looked like little suns.

Nikki Mancuso
Marketing Coordinator

This photo was taken at Waitaha Cove near Lyall Bay. I'd been on a walk with my partner after work and we found ourselves looking at the rockpools. After finding starfish, shells & even a Weki Huna (Mottled Brittle Star) we focused our attention from the small pool to the sky and were met with a rainbow. It was a lovely moment, having been engulfed by the beauty of the small rockpool and then by the expansive sky and it's rainbow, so I took a photo to cherish it.

Frances Hamilton
New Zealand Sales Manager

I always try to fill my mind with as much beauty as I can. I look for it everywhere and I point it out to those around me to see as well. My mother told me when I was small, "the more you fill yourself with the beauty around you the less room you will have for horrible or sad thoughts." This outlook on life has been very useful at this time.


Cathy Stewart
People & Culture Partner

Just over a year ago, after tragic events in Christchurch, this simple message of unity – New Zealand Stand Together – appeared on a wall in Kelburn. It was recently updated, and I like that it can still deliver that same message of unity, about another serious event, in a light hearted way.

Eloise Evans
Wellington Store Manager

This marble wall is on Hania Street in Mount Victoria, I found it on one of my daily walks over the Easter break. I couldn't resist taking a photo of Albert against it as there's nothing I love more than pattern on pattern. I enjoy the trick it plays on the eyes, and if you squint at it Albert almost disappears.

Nicolette Esposito
Marketing Manager

With it being lighter earlier, my partner and I go for walks in the morning when it's still and peaceful. I'm always taking photos of colour combinations and textures that inspire me, and particularly loved this hidden corner which shows nature slowly taking over.